"Brawling Wives"

Book 6 brings back Anubisx, a new computer rendering specialist in the area of women catfighting. He hails from Spain and gives us spectacular renderings of women in combat. I have commissioned 14 renderings for your viewing pleasure. Anubisx brings the story to life in a beautiful way. The story, 'Brawling Wives' is about two gorgeous in laws who must survive an annual vacation with their husbands. This year, things explode and the two bikini clad beauties tear into each other outside their rental cottage on a lake. They manage to include a titfight and some 'wet' fighting.
One of my readers all-time favorites 'When I was Just a Kid' is included in this issue. Two young women catfight in a small treehouse in front of a lucky young guy. 'Hidden Island' has a young geologist exploring an Island for his Oil Exploration Company and chances upon a rip-roaring catfight between two beautiful indigenous girls. Several other stories round out the collection. You are sure to enjoy this one and the incredible renderings of Anubisx whose art work is masterful.

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"Wicked Jessica"

The fifth book in the Great Catfight Series is a delight which I know you will enjoy. It begins with an illustrated story, WICKED JESSICA which brings forth our new Spanish artist, Anubisx. His work is quite sexy and colorful which I know you will enjoy. Story one is followed by five additional stories written by catwriter including a wife and mistress catfight and two voluptuous B MOVIE QUEENS among others. The story TWIN TUSSLE features twins engaged in two furious catfights over the neighbor boy. One takes place in a swimming pool in the back yard and the other on the bed.
All stories feature beautiful, stacked women who catfight anywhere, anytime. Enjoy.

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"Best Breast"

The cover story, BEST BREAST, is a favorite of many of my readers and well suited to the incredible talents of thecatzman. I have commissioned 15 illustrations of the battle from thecatzman instead of the usual 8 to 10. His incredibly nuanced subtlety gives new meaning to the creative depictions of women in combat. For aficionados of thecatzmans body of work, I requested that he use the models from AFTER THE FUNERAL, one of my all-time favorites of his. Sit back and enjoy the best catfight art on the planet.
Also, there are the usual 5 additional stories from the red-hot imagination of Catwriter. One is a torrid hairpulling battle between sexy strippers and another between two gorgeous and sexy relatives fighting in and around the swimming pool. Both end in a very sexy way.

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