"Battling Exercise Queens"

The first story, BATTLING EXERCISE QUEENS, is illustrated by the superb catfight artist, Ardoni. It features an epic battle between two popular exercise tv show stars. The meet at the beach and fight on the sand and in the surf. They then fight it out in the shower and the bed. Three catfights in one story. All drawings are black and white. All stories feature strong, equally matched women in catfights, titfights and some sexfights.

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"Real Neighborly"

This book contains six catfight stories by Catwriter. The first, REAL NEIGHBORLY , concerns two busty neighbors who are not very friendly at all. It is illustrated by the fantastic catfight artist, thecatzman whose work you are sure to enjoy. Catwriter has a writing style which goes directly to the catfight and not long elaborate introductions. The fights are between gorgeous equally matched women and occasionally end in a sexual encounter. Be sure to enjoy all the catfight, sexfight, titfight action.

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