E-C-C 330 "Titfight Challenge XIV"

British busty Gilly Sampson has been trash talking about the German Queen-Bee Marina Montana and calls her breasts "ugly hanging milk bags" and so Marina had no other choice to challenge her to put things right and they immediately are standing chest to chest to get into a long titfighting bitch brawl. The rules are made and no one will be interrupting these rivals to separate them. This is a rough back and forth breast battle with both females dishing out punishments. So watch the two most mature big busty ladies you will ever have seen together in a pure 3 round titfight challenge.

E-C-C 330 Runtime: 32min. + 29min.

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E-C-C 329 "Stockings vs Pantyhose"

Charmaine Sinclair and Lucy Gresty are like to playing dirty games for a prize they both want. Because there is only room for one at the top and only one way to get there: They arranged to fight it out away from the public and start to settle this woman to woman. First you can watch two big-breasted milfs in a steamy nude tit duel pressing, squeezing, rubbing each others boobs also with a generous amount of oil on the chests to make them wet and shiny. It goes back and forth while they squeezing boobs against boobs and grabbing their sexy butts. Then the busty bitches wrestle down each other to the floor and both try to get the upper hand. They straddle legs and locking up pussys to pussy to fuck their rival out of the dirty business. (This video production originated as a custom video).

E-C-C 329 Runtime: 34min. + 31min.

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E-C-C 328 "Busty Office Bitches"

This first episode of this wild footage starts with a series of strong hair pulling contests (shot as custom video) and a test of will between two dirty milfs who want to be the alpha female in the office. This catfight is even rougher and wilder than their matches from the past, and both bitches get more intensly like ever before. For a quarter of an hour they pull each others hair mutual without a conclusion, until they see the only possible solution. Tiger Lily and Dacada bare their voluptuous breasts for a tit to tit battle and nipple to nipple contest but they test also their legs and their womanhood with a will and the power that wont not let quit them. The contest shows also body on body bear hugs, pussy on pussy grinding and a lustful tribadism sexfight between two hot mature women. What exactly means: they wrestling for orgasms to the first end. But that is not the final end. They exchange their panties and agree a rematch after work (E-C-C 331 "Showdown After Work") to continue their personal feud which started in the lunch break.

E-C-C 328 Runtime: 40min. + 39min.

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E-C-C 327 "UK Sexfight Challenge II"

RedXXX and Anna St.John are two experience fighters and strong Alpha Milfs so both wants demonstrating who is the better woman. Enjoy it when Anna steps up against Red and it makes for one hell of an outstanding titfight and sexfight between two mature warriors who refuse to submit. The first minutes starts with tit to tit squeezing, pushing and mauling and the second part of the fight is dominated by a crotch to crotch contest when they link up for hot pussy to pussy grinding. And after a first spirited challenge of mutual pussy rubbing works up a good sweat, Red and Anna press their womanhoods together and thrust woman to woman in a hot tribadism duel which should satisfy fans of genuine mature woman vs mature woman catfights where just the best bitch will win!

E-C-C 327 Runtime: 37min. + 33min.

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E-C-C 326 "Titfight Challenge XIII"

Sexy ambitious and maybe future Titfight Queen Nina Vegas sits on the throne trying to land a huge deal: To destroy her new arch rival Venus Vendetta in a long grudge breast to breast match. The two women loathe each other and are always trying to fight each other at every opportunity and that is the reason why Venus welcomes this new chance very well to overtake Nina in the club ranking and to challenge the big busty bitch in the titfight throne room, and immediately the voluptuous women agree to fight woman to woman and strip out of their tops, but not their heels. And from now on the heavy and oily tit to tit clash never lets up and only when one woman is beaten does it end.

E-C-C 326 Runtime: 36min. + 36min.

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E-C-C 325 "Aunt vs Niece II"

In this custom video continuation the different aged family rivals are back and ready to fight down and dirty again because the matter is still not settled. The Story: The two rivals are attending the family estate with perhaps one final opportunity to settle their hostility before heritage are put in place after the family patriarch died. Sexy Mo enters the room to find Marina Montana waiting for her and not willing to agree or yield, only eager to fight it out. And Mo is always ready to stand and fight, and she and the busty Milf take each other on in a steaming, hot, nude woman to woman duel but first they start with full body embracing bearhugs and rolling over each other each desperate to get the upper hand, followed by a competitive breast to breast battle what means a hard fought, busty clash between this two very hot women. Then they slam their pussies together as hard as they can and the wet grinding sexfight part is intense, aggressive and dramatically hot! But who will prevail?

E-C-C 325 Runtime: 36min. + 35min.

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E-C-C 324 "The First Level"

Two evenly matched UK rivals always talking nasty about each other who has got the bigger boobs and stronger pussy and decide to sort out their differences. The curvy Ladys grab their bodys with strong breast to breast squeezing, stimulating their tits and erect hard nipples and fight it out in a butt grabbing catfight on their feet, showing off some nice ass cheeks along with sexy stockings and suspenders. Then they walk around each other and Charmaine Sinclair suggest "Let us finish this off in a dirty sexfight, bitch". Lucy Gresty answer: "Yes and the strongest cunt must win". Both peel off their pantys to get down and dirty for their finally bare crotch to crotch challenge. The two hot bitches going pussy to pussy, grindind and sliding over each other and link their wet crotches together and rub for all they are worth, in an orgasmic final competition!

E-C-C 324 Runtime: 37min. + 35min.

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E-C-C 323 "A Lesson in Lingeries"

Anna St.John and RedXXX are new bitter rivals who have just had a lately confrontation in the UK Catfight Club. And today Anna St.John in her tight sexy outfit is talking with a new client on the phone as Red enters the room to confronts Anna that this is her longtime business. And it seems that Red is ready to sort this bitch out of the circle as they stand face to face very soon. They try to dominate each other and it develops a back and forth contest where the two new rivals try to gain the upper hand in this milf vs milf challenge. They start with body to body wrestling and tit to tit action, rubbing their juicy nipples together, touching and squeezing their thighs and legs very close before they go onto the floor. Both thinks they are the top UK Lady and it is not long before they fighting pussy to pussy and start thrusting them together to see which one is the first to break.

E-C-C 323 Runtime: 39min. + 39min.

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E-C-C 322 "Titfight Challenge XII"

Nina Vegas and Lady Black are agree to square off in a new titfight challenge, after Nina starts talking trash in the female fight club about Lady Blacks weak titties! So the two big boob brawlers face off in a topless tit to tit smashing battle and start mauling each others tits again and again! Both fighters go back and forth to beating each other up with their strong breasts and all other assaults leave the two locked in a topless body to body and breast to breast competition.

E-C-C 322 Runtime: 33min. + 27min.

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E-C-C 321 "Real Rivalry"

Busty veteran Marina Montana the long time titfight and sexfight leader is very bossy and orders her new employee Janna to use only the bosslady rules and pay attention to what she says. But, that does not go over well. One word resulted in the other and a catfight begins with verbal taunting, and tit to tit pushing. As it turns out Janna is very ambitious and she does not like to take orders from anyone. Soon the heat is on and the ladies get serious as they begin grappling and using their techniques to overpower each other. Both are in a very good shape and so it is a hard fought because they are also very competitive and try to get the upper hand in this intense combat! Neither sexy lady wants to lose, so they go hard mauling big boobs and trying to make the other give up! The two hot bitches fight with bare pussys, roll around over the floor where legs are tangled and at the end they banging their pussies together very rough and fuck clit to clit and the winner leave the loser spent and exhausted.

E-C-C 321 Runtime: 35min. + 34min.

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