E-C-C 436 "Ready for the new Opponent"

Dark Angel is so pissed off to receive instructions from the Current Boss Lady Marina Montana all the time but Marina is fearless and always up for a new challenge and she was never going to shirk this one! And right away, it was abundantly clear that these two well endowed and experience Milfs are ready to fight. Angel has though a size advantage over her rival but Marina seemed determined not to let this have any impact on the match itself and, as a result, the action was back and forth right from the start. So an all-out fight to the finish ensues and first one and then the other big busty lady gains the upper hand. Their envy for each other is real and obvious and the action is intense. The contest kicks off and tits are getting exposed in a classic titfight, where heavy breasts be squeezed and upper body are tight clasped as both wrestlers push for supremacy and words of competitiveness are escaping both of their lips. And the hot duel ends with these mature women grinding pussy to pussy until one lady be victorious!

E-C-C 436 Runtime: 37min. + 36min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 435 "Milf vs Milf Rematch"

Dacada and Elina Flowers meet at the female fight club and both are dressed in fetish outfits what showing off their sexy curves particularly. Elina reaches the fetish room and understands Dacada lied to her because she wants keeping it only for her. The reason is the area is quite small and only one dominat women can stay there for their fighting businesses. So Dacada and Elina decide to fight for it. Clothes are come off, revealing awesome bodies, pussies and boobs are pressed against each other and you can see breast to breast and crotch to crotch action as each Milf gives as good as she takes. The fight is filled with fierce breast bites, humiliating face sitting and intense attacks to each others breasts and crotches. And pussy licking in a 69 makes the competition more sparkling as they roll back and forth trying to make each other cum. This is a a hot erotic costum catfight, featuring busty Milfs with different sizes which should proves who is the boss lady today.

E-C-C 435 Runtime: 35min. + 34min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 434 "Passionate, Hot and Unrestrained"

Jessy has taken on many of the best out and is considered to be one of the best herself but Nora confronts her and claims Jessy, that she is a cheater and that she wants a rematch beause she was not pleased with the outcome in their first confrontation. As they start to lock up in the test of strength, it seems quite evident that both of these older but sexy amazons are able to lock up quite nicely and put each other down. Nora is a quick learner and is an aspiring wrestler, and it do not take long for Jessy to realise she is in for a true erotic battle. They go back and forth with dirty tactics to secure the win. With cunt fumble, nipple squeezing, wedgies and much more to humiliate and defeat her opponent. There is probably now an eternal rivalry between them and today they want to find out once more, who is really hornier by link up their pussies for a hot tribadism grinding duel!

E-C-C 434 Runtime: 41min. + 38min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 433 "Titfight Challenge XXXVI"

This is a super sexy and very slippery titfighting match where both busty tough ladies end up delightfully topless in nothing but sexy lingerie. These two older ladies have a lot of experience with erotic female fighting, especially as this is their third big busty compentition against each other. At the start they both stare at each other and the intense back and forth grappling begins. They keep each other in tight chest clutches between pain and willingness to fight in an erotic tit to tit contest that sends one of the topless rivals onto the mat. Curvaceous Krizzi is strong but busty blonde Marina Montana resists and they both know each others secret strengths and weaknesses so this will be a very balanced challenge. The two Milfs combine for passionate breast to breast embraces and mash and hug each others breasts in a creamy, steaming boob on boob battle with all their female power in this duel for tit dominance!

E-C-C 433 Runtime: 35min. + 34min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 432 "Busty Rivalry"

In this custom video, Zara Mendez and Dacada two women with big tits, battle on the mats of the female fight club in sexy lingerie. Because sexy Milf Dacada gets tired of her younger rival lack of respect for her not wanting a subjugation. And therefore things take a turn for the hot and wild. Dacada is experience and strong but curvaceous Zara is her match and equally attractive. Both busty amazons bring it all and the back-and-forth action takes a exhausting toll. The women try to dominating each other in a sexy titfight with hot boob mashing and mutual breast hugging in a sweaty breast on breast battle!

E-C-C 432 Runtime: 35min. + 32min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 431 "Marie Skyler vs Nora"

Nora (50y.) takes on Marie Skyler (29) in a new hot Milf vs dirty Girl clash. Means two sexy blond and different aged women putting on an excitingly erotic battle. It was only a matter of time until they began exchanging unpleasantries. But the chatter comes to a quick end as the match begins! The showdown begins slowly with both combatants clearly respecting the other ones skills and fitness, but it quickly gets competitive and sweaty. Bodies clash and Marie puts Nora in a very tight Bearhug, which causes Nora to be impress on how stronge Marie is. They start to roll around and catches each other in a body scissors and starts to squeeze. The fighting action includes hair pulling, breast grabbing, tit squeezing, crotch attacks and intense fingering. And they ending up nude on the sofa and ready for a decisive sexfight! They rub and grind in an intensive tribbing duel until the winner is determined. But the battle does not stop until exhaustion takes its toll.

E-C-C 431 Runtime: 39min. + 37min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 430 "Showdown in the Barn"

It appears Marina and Krizzi have a problem because both feel that they are the Boss Lady of the German titfighter. A heated discussion transpires as to whom will the one and only Queen-Bee. The result is one continuous tit war at Marinas barn between two gorgeous and voluptuous mature women with no breaks in the action. The two Milfs exchange back and forth insults and get right into quarrel. Krizzi attacks first managing to hold down Marinas upper body somehow in a strong bear hug. But Marina strikes back grappling Krizzi in a tight body scissors hold showing off the strength in her powerful breasts. They mashing and mauling hot boobs with many tests of strength and prove each others tits before taking a short break to cream up their heated tits. After a hard clash of will, only one will ultimately emerge as the current leader.

E-C-C 430 Runtime: 35min. + 34min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 429 "Titfight Challenge XXXV"

In the past Dacada and Dutch ladie Dark Angel had a nude catfight in the break room that left both women aroused, and thereafter they determined to finish a special titfight challenge at some future date! And soon they meet again in the new club room to finding out who is really the better woman. Dacada and Dark Angel are both dressed in sexy sporty outfits and these special test of strength goes quickly hot and dirty with intense breast smothering and tit squeezing. Strong bear hugs clench their big tits tightly and hot leg tangling while standing shows off their lovely legs and impressive asses to best advantage. Both start off with rubbing, mauling and grinding their big boobs, doing whatever it takes to beat the others breast and try to win this hot tit fight, woman to woman and breast to breast.

E-C-C 429 Runtime: 34min. + 32min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 428 "Rivals Face Off"

The time has come for Nora to give Hot Ela a lesson because she constantly arrogantly provokes her. And Nora is not one to back down from those who try to displace her, and it dont take long before these experience and sexy female fighters lock up and try to show each other their power in a test of strength! These two mature beauties are no stranger to erotic female fights and are used to fighting it out with their rivals, and combine for passionate breast to breast embraces and to warm up for the decisive erotic duel. But neither of them is not about to quit and they sheds the last of their clothes to face each other in the nude and challenge out for a woman-to-woman, down and dirty sexfight as they trib and rub each others wet pussies to show who truly is the boss lady here!

E-C-C 428 Runtime: 41min. + 39min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 427 "Horny Adventure"

Krizzi is extremely annoyed at Sexy Susi for hitting on her girlfriend and gets her by surprise at the female fight club. They start to provokate each other and both are ready for a hot erotic catfight challenge as they open their blouses in order to be able to properly knead their big tits. Then they get each other in various tit on tit holds and had horny sexy tussle. These mature ladies both are competitive and hate to lose as they face off for fifth time as they both have two wins against each other and it becomes a battle of sexual stamina until a MILF can claim victory. And at the end you can see a lot of scissoring and many sexy positions in a lusty tribbing and grinding match.

E-C-C 427 Runtime: 37min. + 35min. Bonus (2Cam)

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