E-C-C 200 "Milfs in Red"

The battle continues between two old rivals. Mona has run out of patience with Marina, and Marina feels the same way. One word leads to another , and a rolling mature women catfight match is ignited that starts with strong standing leg tangling for several minutes before crashing onto the floor. The Milfs rip and pull their red dresses in pieces and maul each others crotches under pantyhoses all in an attempt to torment their foe in this catball weekend special.

E-C-C 200 Runtime: 55min.

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E-C-C 199 "Battle of the Lovers"

Lucy and Heidi are not only very sexy and strong, the both Ladies are want also the same guy. So they decided that it was time to face off to see just who is the strongest. The rivals struggle starts in Jeans, turtlenecks and boots. Quickly they grab each other in every possible way. In a test of strenght, a fingerlock contest and hairpulling until both get sexual sparks and the lust begins. The jeans comes off and it gets very hot in the room. Wide open woman on woman spreads give the Ladies a great time with this unique challenge, and it is obvious that they are both having the time of their lives. This video was made on special request. A great thank to the costumer.

E-C-C 199 Runtime: 35min.+ 32min. Bonus

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E-C-C 198 "Franks Fetish Fight" III

Sexy Mo and Janina Sommer are ordered by Frank to a big boobs catfight in order to fight things out. So you get one of the best fetish sexfights in latex catsuites and high leather chaps. Tribbing, titfighting, rough clit bumping, floor rolling and crotch to crotch grinding are all allowable tactics and both women use them in abundance. Finally, one babe is drained from sheer sexual exhaustion. A classic titfight and sexfight from Franks costum collection.

E-C-C 198 Runtime: 57min.

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E-C-C 197 "Mutual Destruction"

Maria and Heidi continue their pantyhose catfight and they using their fingernails and legs as weapons. This rough and tough rolling catball revenge with wild hairpulling, to take control, shows a down and dirty competition from beginning to end. No friendships were formed here.

E-C-C 197 Runtime: 64min.

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E-C-C 196 "Busty Milfs are Fighting for you"

This Milfs fight for costumer. Marina Montana and Sexy Susi know each other but after this, an unforgettable rivalry will rise and a mixed of titfight with floor rolling and pantyhose ripping is starting. This female fight is for those of you, who would like to own the rules and to let two experience wifes destroy their nice size boobs. Both ladies wearing seamed pantyhose today and they fight for their place and for control. See two woman on a mission: Non-stop sexual competition from begining to end.

E-C-C 196 Runtime: 59min.

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E-C-C 195 "Bitches in Boots"

Sexy Mo and Lucy get into a test of strenght to see who is the best. A lot of intense titfighting, fingerlock test, boob mashing and bearhug, non-stop. Both show outstanding determination and stamina, but in the end one wins in a rolling around sexfight with hot pussy lock tribadism.

E-C-C 195 Runtime: 45min.

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E-C-C 194 "Police Woman vs Mafia Woman"

Two blondes, AnnikaRose the police woman and Heidi, the mafia woman, start a terrible floor rolling pantyhose catball, after a long chase. Both gals are rivals since a long time and they gets into a fight about the supremacy in town, which ends up in a wild, savage and feminine body to body catball with lot of hairpulling, because both want to make sure, that none of the other stands in the way for future business.
Send us also your personal description and script for your own special costum match.

E-C-C 194 Runtime: 59min.

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E-C-C 193 "Fetish Pantyhose Milfs"

What's more sexy than two hot milfs in the same pantyhose. Marina and Mona are ready for the night out but when they get together Mona assert that Marinas hot pantyhose are the same like hers and that one has to change. They start a lesbian pantyhose catfight and in this movie you will see two fetish mothers trying to fight and get some pleasure with their full body contact. Soon breasts are out, legs tangling, pussys bumping hard together and clits compete with each other.

E-C-C 193 Runtime: 34min. + 34min. Bonus

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E-C-C 192 "Titfight in Pantyhose"

They start out in the locker room where Sharon find the new bras for the girls. As Mo returns, Sharon confronts her with the choice of her favorite and most beautiful one. After a few moments of trash talking, their big boobs are swinging out of the tops and the two rivals are fascinated by tit fighting each other, with the agreement that the winner gets the favorite and finest bra. The two women rub and grind their gorgeous tits together like cats in heat and they can't stop this wild and passionate tit to tit catfight. They getting hotter and hotter as also their pantyhose legs rubbing hard together like in an awesome leg tangling challenge.

E-C-C 192 Runtime: 45min. + 20min. Bonus

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E-C-C 191 "The Hairpulling Blast"

Here's the problem: Maria and Heidi likes the same dress. So naturally they wrestle while wearing the same red negligees and pantyhoses to prove who gets the favored dress today. With an understanding that it is time to settle some issues, both decide to put it all on the line with a winner take all hairpulling and leg locked catball catfight. Heidi and Maria are be a real couple of genuine catballers: wild, angry, sexy, sensual, aggressive and they rolling repeatedly on the floor here and there, with bodies pressed, hairpulling, embracing, intertwined legs like wild furies. Therefore also many thanks to the costumer of this newest catball match.

E-C-C 191 Runtime: 69 min.

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