E-C-C 220 "Lovers and Titfight Showdown"

Janina, completely naked, looking very hot and she decided to lay by herself on the sofa to rest a little. But then Marina sneaks up, wearing only pantyhose and soon she begins to submit and dominate her sleeping prey. Marina takes advantage of her body, because she thinks that she is stronger than Janina. She takes Janina by the hair, drops her down and uses leg scissors to control the busty brunette. Janina awakened by surprise as in a daydream and they falls on the floor. Marina knows that all she has to do is to rub this little sluts crotch, forcefully kissing her, to grabs her big tits and Janina will be play dough in her hands. The women lock lips in passionate kisses, entwine their bodys tight, and crotches meet for trib action that brings both women to sexual exhaustion. The first half focuses mainly on a superior Marina and a willing Janina in a special costum video. The second part continues with a surprise for Marina.

E-C-C 220 Runtime: 41min.

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E-C-C 219 "Maxi Pad Catfight"

Heidi and Annika meet in an agreed sexy wrestling match because they have a special chemistry that fired their most competitive nature and these two gals really enjoy getting another chance to tangle in a special catfight. The girls can use any kind of test of strenght, wrestling pins and pussy tribbing to outdo their opponent. They starts the match off by a thighs and a bare legs test of strenght and then the two grab, moving from hold to hold until they struggle to outfuck each other and prove which woman has the stronger sex and superior clit under the maxi panty liners. Something in the close, sexy struggle brings out the womens erotic appetite, and Annika and Heidi begin grinding pussy-to-pussy even through their panties and maxi pads. They scissor each other slamming and grinding their pantys together and both sensual rival girls look superb in those pantys with the panty liners among them and the action in this fight is really great. Enjoy one further costum fight on catfight-connection.com

E-C-C 219 Runtime: 33min. + 30min. Bonus

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E-C-C 218 "Back Room Catfight"

Luciana is getting ready for the application, but Annica is late, as usual. As Luciana snipes at Annica and Annica becomes pissed off, they steps aside to let "sort some things out". Annica confronts the long black haired vixen and she scoffs her off with really bad attitude. The leggy felines attack each other back and forth, squeezing and mashing each others delicious legs. When they go down onto the floor Luciana uses her strength to quickly get on top of Annica and take control. But then both exchanged leg scissors and hair pulling in their sexy office outfits with cuban pantyhoses.

E-C-C 218 Runtime: 36min. + 35min. Bonus

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E-C-C 217 "Mistress and Wife Collide"

Polina the sexy older wife is challenged by her blond opponent Candy to a fight to determine "Who is the better woman". The busty blonde or the busty wife ? This catfight is a battle of two jealousy dominant women. Both big tittied and ambitious, both dressed in heels, blouses and long skirts at the beginning. And we all know what happens when you have two hot-blooded women in a room together: the claws come out and the catfight begins. The fight is very intense and focused with neither one wanting to give in and submit with wild hair pulling, slapping of the faces and breasts. Does the wife keep her husband, or does the mistress walk away with him? (This video is another custom commission)

E-C-C 217 Runtime: 25min. + 16min. Bonus

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E-C-C 216 "Titfighting Scrappers"

In this second episode, Ashley Stone and Isabella Pool, two Real Estate Agent rivals meet and fight over a house rental. Very fast, both sexy milfs are engaged in a merciless titfight with dirty trash talking inside. The two super hot mature women are standing face to face and no one is there to stop them to fight it out women to women. After both ladies had taken their jackets and blouses off, they meet in the middle of the room and both start fighting like their honor depend on the win, to show who is the best business woman in town. They immediately go very close together and squeezing their big breasts together in a battle where both women wage a war of attrition. Ashley was determined to retain her business object while Isabella was just as determined to wrench it from her.

E-C-C 216 Runtime: 36min. + 22min. Bonus

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E-C-C 215 "Apartment Fight"

The feud continues in this series of milf pantyhose catfights with leg locked, catball, rolling and hair pulling. Mona and Marina are best friends and longtime rivals sometimes. They like to experiment with all their fetishes. So this true competitive sluts are always find a reason to roll around the floor. After they are home from a long party night the ladies will fight, with each other. They are always fighting over something whether it be boys or clothes. Things get physical then Mona grabs Marinas tit and a fight breaks out. Both women crash onto the couch pulling and ripping into one another to see who the alpha female really is today.

E-C-C 215 Runtime: 33min. + 33min. Bonus

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E-C-C 214 "Burglar Fight"

Heidi and Candy are both interested for the same order-burglar. In their business suits and pantyhose they arrive at the same time in the room of desire and it is not long before a full catfight breaks out. Clothes ripped off and they fight only in their full body pantyhose with which they wanted to camouflage themselves to avoid to being detected. Neither woman wants to quit and they rolling around for minutes in a hot semi-catball catfight.

E-C-C 214 Runtime: 30min. + 29min. Bonus

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E-C-C 213 "Thigh High Boots and Leather Gloves"

This sexy leather boot fight has two fetish women, Annica Red vs Mistress Luciana, who locking up to battle for ultimate control, using their powerful bodies and grappling skills, first with a spirited catfight struggle. Then each women using her tits and pussy to further weaken her opponent. And finally the inevitable pussy-to-pussy trib contest is a challenge to settle things between two women who have a natural rivalry.

E-C-C 213 Runtime: 36min. + 36min. Bonus

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E-C-C 212 "New Milf in Town"

For the first time busty blonde milf Isabella Pool (the new milf in town) fights Bizarre Lady Ashley Stone (the club owner and the very successful businesswoman in town) and both ladies are so incredibly psyched up for this big busty fight which starts off with a good stare before they go for one another like a couple of crazed alley cats. After the first feud is opened with dirty trash talking and a shoes to shoes fight where they hit their shoes together while wearing it, the women strip to topless and the catfight is on. And after a few minutes of each lady trying to gain the advantage they fight with a real pleasure and starts with a test of strength of their legs and shoes, twisted their heels into each other as they battle it out in a very close match. It is rough titfighting, with breast and crotch attacks. This is definitely a battle that will be enjoyed by fans of catfighting with beautiful experience ladies originally shot as a custom video.

E-C-C 212 Runtime: 34min. + 32min. Bonus

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E-C-C 211 "Rough Stocking Girls"

Filmed for a private collector, this match features hot-blooded Heidi, one of the most skilled catball catfighters taking on Lucy the veteran. The attire is mini dresses, pantys, stockings and they start this catfight out in high heels. The women fighting from standing positions to testing each other out before they starts a leg locked rolling catball where each of them struggles to pin the other one down for the audience. See rough action and beautiful girls fighting with passion.

E-C-C 211 Runtime: 40min.

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