E-C-C 338 "Wild Lover Rivals"

Jessy and Gina Blonde are rivals going back years. When they meet up at a convention and find they have the same lover, the decision has been made and no other possibilities are available. Within seconds of their stare down, they simultaneously wrap their arms around one another and bear hug each other to exhaustion with bodys pressed together showing faces pained from the effort. One of them must leave and if it takes a dirty catfight to decide the winner, so be it. Then the jealousy conflict of the girls goes into a nasty clash, where one girl try defeat the other in a very close body to body battle and they are not scared to squeeze their bodies hard together. Their blouses come off and its time to see who have the strongest legs and the juiciest pussy before the crotch grinding gets into an all out sex fight.

E-C-C 338 Runtime: 34min. + 33min.

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E-C-C 337 "Titfight Challenge XVII"

Queen-Bee Marina Montana and busty blonde Jana go at it again as it is clear that their differences were not settled in their earlier matches. So they clash together in an agreed breast battle which features tactics such finger locks, tit to tit squeezing, breast attacks and a special test of strength. And their clashs have some history because they have tangled quite a few times before and often with some sexual elements thrown in. And now the stakes are high. It is a simple matter of topless titfighting with the loser falling down in the "Titfight Ranking". And it is the prelude to a steamy, persevering breast duel between two sexy milfs with no limits, but plenty of tit to tit pushing and squeezing.

E-C-C 337 Runtime: 34min. + 35min.

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E-C-C 336 "Tough UK Milfs"

In their first erotic challenge, Charmaine Sinclair and RedXXX make an appearance as new big rivals in the UK catfight scene. Both busty women are characterized by dangerous curves and a confident attitude. So watch an eye-catching bout between experience sexy Milfs, with a great sexual tension also thrown into the contest. Red and Charmaine are trying to weaken the new rival bitch with standing leg tangling and body to body squeezing, to bring the opponent down and to control her. Both ladies came to fight, but fuck each other at the end in a hot crotch grinding challenge.

E-C-C 336 Runtime: 34min. + 34min.

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E-C-C 335 "The Dream of each Boss"

Dressed in high heels, miniskirts and blouses Jessy and Katharina, two rival office enemies, goes to pick a fight and challenge each other with lot of trash talking to see who is the strongest. And both are exceptionally fit and strong women with exceptionally sexy butts. They go at it back and forth, bear hugging each other with body against body squeezing, pulling hair, tangling with their sexy strong legs until they goes to the ground! The dirty catfight and catball action continues with strong leg scissors and tests of strength, while they roll around on the big couch, and bring it to the floor until one contender slowly into submission.

E-C-C 335 Runtime: 34min. + 34min.

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E-C-C 334 "Titfight Challenge XVI"

German rising star Dacada trained hard for her match against UK titfight veteran Tiger Lily, before they face off in a ambitious breast to breast match! Both busty milfs go hard at it with nipple tweaks, hair pulling and biting in this competitive encounters to find a clear winner and to see who can take more in a persevering tit to tit challenge! They fight each other with full gusto from the first moment and they grab, squeeze and mash big cups firmly together for more then 30 minutes!

E-C-C 334 Runtime: 36min. + 35min.

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E-C-C 333 "Titfight Challenge XV"

German titfight champion Marina Montana takes on today versus the strong and experience Dutch Lady Danielle, in a topless match-up of busty combative milfs. And in fact, both were so itching to get a contest against each other in a spirited breast battle. And the two natural voluptuous mature women want to win badly for different reasons: One to prove her worth and the other to maintain her position at the top of the titfight league ranking! So they try to submit each other with hard boob to boob squeezing, smashing their natural ample breasts into each other and pound their heavy tits together in powerful women to women action to secure the victory for one battling milf.

E-C-C 333 Runtime: 36min. + 35min.

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E-C-C 332 "You Can Not Handle Me, Bitch"

Long legged and busty Milf Charmaine Sinclair takes on the much younger girl Loula in a grudge housewives challenge at home. There is no love at all between these two rivals and Loula has one more hurdle to get over, before ensure her job as housekeeper in Charmaines private area: she has to prove that she can handle the lady of the house, and especially her husband, so she is more than ready to prove it. Hair pulling, full body to body embracing, tit to tit squeezing and trash talking are all in this catfight between different aged women. Their pantyhoses does not last very long, as dresses go first and bras and thongs follow, before the trib fight challenge in the bedroom starts. Because the only solution is to go pussy to pussy. So they intertwine their legs and trib each other to get the final orgasm.

E-C-C 332 Runtime: 35min. + 34min.

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E-C-C 331 "Showdown After Work"

It is time for the rematch after work, to continue their personal feud, which started in the lunch break (E-C-C 328 "Busty Office Bitches"), between the big breasted milfs. They both want the glory and fame, and they want to battle each other for it again, to be the Boss Lady of the younger office girls. These two buxom matures are explosive hellcats and the battle moves now to the more erotic part where the attraction between these strong experience woman is undeniable because each one thinks she can make the other cum more. They grapple and roll around topless, with bare pussys on the ground for a while before the heat of the sexfight takes the upper hand. Their passion takes control and they grind woman to woman with hot pussy tribbing and scissoring. Then they challenging each other to see whose pussy is better today, until one of them gives up. Dont miss this hot catfight and watch who will be the new office Queen-Bee.

E-C-C 331 Runtime: 36min. + 35min.

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E-C-C 330 "Titfight Challenge XIV"

British busty Gilly Sampson has been trash talking about the German Queen-Bee Marina Montana and calls her breasts "ugly hanging milk bags" and so Marina had no other choice to challenge her to put things right and they immediately are standing chest to chest to get into a long titfighting bitch brawl. The rules are made and no one will be interrupting these rivals to separate them. This is a rough back and forth breast battle with both females dishing out punishments. So watch the two most mature big busty ladies you will ever have seen together in a pure 3 round titfight challenge.

E-C-C 330 Runtime: 32min. + 29min.

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E-C-C 329 "Stockings vs Pantyhose"

Charmaine Sinclair and Lucy Gresty are like to playing dirty games for a prize they both want. Because there is only room for one at the top and only one way to get there: They arranged to fight it out away from the public and start to settle this woman to woman. First you can watch two big-breasted milfs in a steamy nude tit duel pressing, squeezing, rubbing each others boobs also with a generous amount of oil on the chests to make them wet and shiny. It goes back and forth while they squeezing boobs against boobs and grabbing their sexy butts. Then the busty bitches wrestle down each other to the floor and both try to get the upper hand. They straddle legs and locking up pussys to pussy to fuck their rival out of the dirty business. (This video production originated as a custom video).

E-C-C 329 Runtime: 34min. + 31min.

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