E-C-C 444 "Dangerous Long Legs"

Dacada finds herself facing a new rival and she is determined to prove that she is the better woman. It is Marsiannas first confrontation with the experienced Boss Lady and it was such an intense one. At a point they are nose to nose and looking each other up and down. They both shove off each other and launch into a passionate clash all around the room where they lock up body to body and pull hair. These different aged ladies, dressed in sexy business outfits, put on a hot and sexy match. And both dirty bitches, with such sexy long legs, do not want to lose and neither giving an inch! The result is an awesome, bottomless war between two leggy competitors with lot of back and forth action, hair pulling, leg tangling, body to body embracing, fingerlocked test of strength, bear hugging and finally a hot crotch to crotch battle.

E-C-C 444 Runtime: 38min. + 37min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 443 "Titfight Challenge XXXVIII"

As these two mature Ladies start face to face, big busty Sexy Susi boasts to her voluptuous foe that not only is she going to destroy Krizzis big boobs but she is going to defeat them once and for all. They battle for over 30 minutes and trying to subdue each other while using their big heavy weapons to tire the opponent. Watch them oil up their massive breasts and get down to business with great tight body to body action. Ready and eager to prove themselves the better woman, Krizzi and Susi are reckless in some persistent tit mashing, full breast smothering and bear hugging. And the hot boob to boob squeezing and the hard tit to tit impacts take their toll on both fighters.

E-C-C 443 Runtime: 36min. + 35min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 442 "Dirty Evil Bitches"

The sexy blonde bitches Nora Nymphe and Marie Skyler are upset on each other as they have both booked the same location for a catfight and sexfight event. And they decide to settle it out in an erotic catfight and sex fight with special test of strength and bearhug competitions. The two well built women trading dirty moves in a back and forth match as first one and then the other bitch gains the advantage. At a point they are nose to nose and looking each other up and down and launch into a vicious fight where they lock up body to body and finally they go down and for a sensual lesbian scissoring fight. Once they start grinding their pussies together the sexual attraction between the two is obvious, as they moan from the pleasure of tribbing. And this hot match turns into a sexual battle of pussy and breast attacks and each trying to dominate and make their opponent cum.

E-C-C 442 Runtime: 40min. + 39min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 441 "Jessy vs Aiyana - Rematch"

Newcomer Aiyana challenges Jessy to a hot submission match in this thrilling topless and nude wrestling showdown. The two sexy wildcats are squaring up face to face in the fight room for challenge each other like adult ladies, what means body to body, woman to woman and crotch to crotch. Every test of strength is a step towards submission, and both bitches vying for supremacy in this gripping contest. They got so turn on that they wanted scissor each other while they start provoking each other with hot leg spreads and to start grinding and stimulating their wet pussies. Will Jessy pick up another trophy or will Aiyana get her first win?

E-C-C 441 Runtime: 39min. + 37min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 440 "Big Busty Revenge"

Hot voluptuous Mistress Marina Montana and tall big busty Dutch Dominatrix Dark Angel clash with the intent to throw each other out of the adult business and to get the upper hand. Bras are ripped off during this tough and dirty battle leaving both combatants topless. They attack each other and the fight gets embossed with dirty tit to tit squeezing, full body embracing, leg tangling and rolling across the floor to dominate the opponent. The body grinding gets more intense between these wild mature woman and they both grab each other butt and big boobs are pressed into locked tits and they both go all out to pick up the win also with a short pussy grinding contest. Will Dark Angel get revenge or will the experience big titted Marina pick up a second win against the busty brunette?

E-C-C 440 Runtime: 37min. + 37min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 439 "Titfight Challenge XXXVII"

This is the third and decisive match between these 2 different aged amazons. After their two erotic catfight matches where both were able to win one fight each, it is now time for a titfight only match. Dacada is a very skilled, persistent and sexy wrestling ladie but the voluptuous Asley Cum is younger, more athletic and bodily stronger. Dacada knows she is going to have to break Ashleys will and spirit to win this topless titfight battle. They try to weaken each other with full body embracing holds, strong tit to tit squeezing and firm bearhugs. Both busty women do try to get submissions on their opponent and the natural chemistry between these two adds to the excitement.

E-C-C 439 Runtime: 33min. + 32min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 438 "Hot Wrestling Milfs"

After a verbal disagreement Nora and Hot Ela arrange to meet in the mat room so they can work it out officially, first topless then nude but always woman to woman! Experience two aspiring Ladys, both of them are naturally dirty bitches, both of them fearless, and with firm determination on the mats. Hot Ela and Nora have an intense, sexy wrestling match and shows ambitious work of a pair of stubborn competitors. The ladies are well-matched, and they throw themselves into the action! Each is in an excitement as they both fight for supremacy over the other. The hot Milfs exhibit strength, stamina and topless bear hugs ,various tests of strength abound throughout, but only one women will be supreme today!

E-C-C 438 Runtime: 33min. + 31min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 437 "Newbie Aiyana vs Experienced Jessy"

The debutante Aiyana is fighting experience Jessy in this match. To win, the women want compel her rival to surrender. The bitches tried very hard because they both wanted to show their best side! Aiyana is much younger and slimmer so that Jessy is sure she will break her. Meager dressed to start and soon topless, the two women exchange some dirty remarks and let the erotic contest begin as they press their breasts together in close contact before the passionate showdown is taken down to the floor. They go back and forth round after round, submitting each other with a variety of sexy test of strength moves! The match gets really heated as the smaller naked tits squeeze against each other in bear hugs and pins! At the very end this is going to be an intense sexfight as both ladies love to fight and grinding pussy to pussy and ravishing each other with hard impacts.

E-C-C 437 Runtime: 36min. + 33min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 436 "Ready for the new Opponent"

Dark Angel is so pissed off to receive instructions from the Current Boss Lady Marina Montana all the time but Marina is fearless and always up for a new challenge and she was never going to shirk this one! And right away, it was abundantly clear that these two well endowed and experience Milfs are ready to fight. Angel has though a size advantage over her rival but Marina seemed determined not to let this have any impact on the match itself and, as a result, the action was back and forth right from the start. So an all-out fight to the finish ensues and first one and then the other big busty lady gains the upper hand. Their envy for each other is real and obvious and the action is intense. The contest kicks off and tits are getting exposed in a classic titfight, where heavy breasts be squeezed and upper body are tight clasped as both wrestlers push for supremacy and words of competitiveness are escaping both of their lips. And the hot duel ends with these mature women grinding pussy to pussy until one lady be victorious!

E-C-C 436 Runtime: 37min. + 36min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 435 "Milf vs Milf Rematch"

Dacada and Elina Flowers meet at the female fight club and both are dressed in fetish outfits what showing off their sexy curves particularly. Elina reaches the fetish room and understands Dacada lied to her because she wants keeping it only for her. The reason is the area is quite small and only one dominat women can stay there for their fighting businesses. So Dacada and Elina decide to fight for it. Clothes are come off, revealing awesome bodies, pussies and boobs are pressed against each other and you can see breast to breast and crotch to crotch action as each Milf gives as good as she takes. The fight is filled with fierce breast bites, humiliating face sitting and intense attacks to each others breasts and crotches. And pussy licking in a 69 makes the competition more sparkling as they roll back and forth trying to make each other cum. This is a a hot erotic costum catfight, featuring busty Milfs with different sizes which should proves who is the boss lady today.

E-C-C 435 Runtime: 35min. + 34min. Bonus (2Cam)

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