E-C-C 404 "Titfight Challenge XXX"

See busty black haired Nina Vegas, 39y. vs busty blonde Milf Krizzi, 55y. in our special breast competitive matches, test of strength and titfight challenges. Voluptuous Krizzi has the edge regarding skills and experience, but younger busty Nina is powerful and tries to use her little weight advantage. The action kicked off, and as expected, both ladies drilled into each other because they had something to prove! The close and hard fought contest goes back and forth with breast claws, bear hugging and lots of breast to breast squeezing in an exciting heavy boob battle of different aged bitches.

E-C-C 404 Runtime: 37min. + 36min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 403 "Struggling Beauties"

In this specially produced custom Sexy Susi learned that Dacada ripped her off. And preferably the lovely Milf would going to jamming her hot sexy firm huge tits in Dacadas face. The two fierce female rivals meet face to face, staring each other down, taunting, each aiming to intimidate the other. But neither one shows even a hint of weakness. Each is completely unfazed and confident. And each is fully prepared to give everything she is got to come out on top. They mashing their heavy tits into each other, squeezing body against body, grinding away, trying to pin the other down to allow her to get access to her pussy to try and make her come first before the tables are turned. You will see a sensual down and dirty struggle where it seems the orgasms are fervent, ferocious and real!

E-C-C 403 Runtime: 37min. + 35min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 402 "Face to Face in Hot Pants"

Ana Nova pays Jessy a visit and immediately begins taunting her. It does not take long for Jessy to stand up to her face to face. And very quickly these little verbally attacks leads to a hot physical confrontation. Jessy has been around the erotic catfight scene for a very long time and therefore naturally very experience. But also Ana Nova going confident into the match. Soon they stand face to face and embrace each other to mashing their bodys together in a first test of strength. After lots of give and take, a victor emerges, because neither of both bitches will be satisfied until the other is completely naked and defeated after a hot grinding wet clits into clits competition.

E-C-C 402 Runtime: 38min. + 37min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 401 "Challenge in the Dungeon"

The blonde Queen-Bee Marina challenged the younger but ascending Zara Mendez to a submission fight in the dungeon. Zara is very confident in order to accept this challenge, and until now she has never had the opportunity to fought big busty Mistress Marina by the dirty rules of the womens fight club. Zara is though bigger and looks stronger but the big busty MILF Marina knows all dirty tactics and tricks and is much more experienced! Tit to tit squeezing and thight bearhugs slow them down but they both are determined to win. Whether butt grabbing, titfighting, leg tangling or pussy to pussy grinding for the final decision, it seems to be an even match! Eventually one Mistress is defeated but is it Lady Zara who picks up the win on her way to the top or does Lady Marina defend her supremacy.

E-C-C 401 Runtime: 36min. + 35min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 400 "Hot, Busty Women Tussle"

This is the first time Nina Vegas meet Ashley Cum in an erotic catfight confrontation to check who has the stronger and better thighs, butt and boobs? For the real and only reason: Ashley confronts Nina over destroying her mentor and girl friend Krizzi. They had heard a lot about each other and the younger ladies are eager to see how strong the other is. The new rivals use their voluptuous bodies and big butts first for some sexy test of strength before their huge tits come into play. And at the end the rivals lock together, woman to woman, for a decisive round of tribbing and grinding without restraint to orgasms in a hairy vs bare cunt to cunt sexfight contest!

E-C-C 400 Runtime: 36min. + 34min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 399 "Busty Amazons"

Dutch Lady Sabrina is a hot newbie that stepped up to face this erotic fight. She meet Dacada in a private club room to defeat her in an erotic showdown and a very feminine fight, like the one you want to see between a couple of dirty housewives in a back and forth match that intermittently seemed it could have gone either way. For the first minutes the tits are the main targets for many heavy breast to breast squeezing and some really intense mutual mashing where both are crashing into each other with their big tits. Then they tangle and fall onto the floor for an upright test of sexual strength to get top position and grind down on the others clit and pussy lips. Does Dacada continue the climb back up to the top or does Sabrina pick up a surprising win on her debut?

E-C-C 399 Runtime: 35min. + 34min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 398 "Wild and Nasty"

The newest custom video is a sexy hot and intense encounter, as the always horny seductress Jessy tastes fresh meat in the form of blonde new Milf Ana Nova. And in this hot struggle, the aspiring newcomer Ana goes head to head with Jessy in a topless and also nude match to see who wins the upper hand for the moment. These Ladies really enjoyed to fight each other and it shows during the hole match where they fight and wrestle all around the room until one is simply too exhausted to continue. Both women are a bundle of energy as they throw determined to bear hugging each other chest to chest, squeezing hard nipples with dress rising up over hips. And both women are matched nearly equally, and are down to just their nude crotches. And they know, the woman with the strongest cunt will win in an intense tribadism grinding contest at the very end.

E-C-C 398 Runtime: 38min. + 33min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 397 "Titfight Challenge XXIX"

It is a deciding titfight match of the blond Milfs as the two adult stars Sandy Big Boobs and voluptuous Marina Montana face off again. In their current balance sheet it is a draw after two fights. They go back and forth with a test of strength and will in a dirty face to face and chest to chest showdown. Marina and Sandy embrace each other and mash those giant boobs together in an all out war of natural big breasts as they both try to exert their dominance over the other.

E-C-C 397 Runtime: 34min. + 34min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 396 "Rival Lingerie Bitches"

Relaxed after her orgasm, get from a female sexfight client, Krizzi lies on the play couch in her black lingerie as her younger intimate enemy Ashley Cum comes in. And Ashley has no friendly intentions. She makes some unpleasant comments about Krizzis outfit and choice of colour and Krizzi is not really amused about it. Krizzi looking like the top cat in her black lingerie, and Ashley Cum looks on heat as always in her red one! The action goes back and forth as they wrap their arms around one anothers bodies to truly defeat the opponents big boobs! And then they decide to fucking each others with a big double-headed dildo in a final decusion! Who will return to the business today and who will be left stripped and defeated on the battle ground?

E-C-C 396 Runtime: 38min. + 38min. Bonus (2Cam)

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E-C-C 395 "No Friendly Encounter"

Dominant Dacada and experience Hot Ela are both competing for the same job as a recognized Specialty Sex Advisor. The two Milfs start to argue and make nasty remarks about each other and then things get physical with lots of hair and butt grabbing, strong topless bearhug and fingerlock contests. The two veterans have a professional attitude and takes great delight in destroying cocky opponents so the match whips back and forth as neither MILF has the advantage for too long before her opponent strikes back. What happens next is a hot and sultry sex duel where these two experience and curvy mature women trying to be the ultimate victor who gets all the recognition of the female fighting clients! And if they have destroy the others, they can announce it with glory and honor!

E-C-C 395 Runtime: 37min. + 36min. Bonus (2Cam)

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