E-C-C 318 "Titfight Slugfest"

Jealous, big busty wicked dominatrix Venus Vendetta, who has tangled with Nina Vegas before, has come back to settle the score in a titfight slugfest between two big girls. They compare their luscious breasts and curvy strong bodies before deciding to settle it with a new competition, which really turns into a very intensive titanic clash of the tits with the circumstance to find out who is strongest. The amazons begin trash talking and intimidating one another before they try to knock each other down by bumping chest into chest, start a strong bearhug contest with amazing tit to tit squeezing, and then they go down to the couch and pinning each other with the strength of their thick sweaty breasts. Nina is confident from her experience to win, but she knows Venus will be a tough match because Venus is a lethal sexy doll and so confident of her power.

E-C-C 318 Runtime: 36min. + 36min.

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E-C-C 317 "Compete Ladies Need A Winner"

Voluptuous Dutch Lady Danielle and blonde German bombshell Marina Montana meet in the late hour after each has defeat her opponent in a private club event in front of audiance. And currently Boss Lady Marina is not pleased because the new busty Lady Danielle can not resist to fight the female clients from herself and it seems this time the bitch went too far. And with a first glance they knows what the goal is: to find out who is the Queen-Bee and who has more enduring and pleasure for future tasks. So you can watch how heavy oiled breasts will be squeezed so hard together that the opponents eyes will tear up for a moment but they will take the others tits and give back the same. Finally the two horny Mature Ladies will come together panty on panty and the clits among them will grinding until the hell will break loose for the loser.

E-C-C 317 Runtime: 41min. + 41min.

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E-C-C 316 "Sexy Body Clash"

This video is the result of a particular member request. You see Dacada, from the German female fight club, vs Charmaine Sinclair, from the UK female fight club, challenging each other in a special erotic fight where tongues in wet sensual kissing duels and hot tit to tit squeezing are their primary weapons. Neither of the busty, no everyday women, takes a step backwards, as they fight it out topless with sexy body clashes while they kissing each other hot and horny and their big tits get squeezing hard together. And only one of the Ladies will have the chance to become the European Queen-Bee 2019 and to be qualified for the first title fight in this UK vs Germany feud. Both bitches are confident and they compare each other into an erotic contest to see who is the better candidate as European Boss Lady in the near future.

E-C-C 316 Runtime: 35min. + 35min.

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E-C-C 315 "Secret Catfight"

In this sponsored video I am in the office of the UK Fight Club, and want fight with these dirty bitch Gilly Sampson because she is a big busty and tough women that knows how to take care of herself and loves to fight and i loves to dominate and to defeat my victims. I get horny while waiting for her and i start to rummage around in her papers to calm down. Very quickly we challenge each other with some dirty trash talking to clear who is the current European Queen-Bee till one can not take it anymore as Gilly arrived in her office. We start an awesome fight in full clothes, attack each other and trying to prove our mature toughness in a rough struggle, then go topless with hard breast to breasts squeezing along with vicious bearhugs and we also get tangled up pretty good with strong sexy legs and we never stop until one woman quits. And one bitch ends up conquered and at the mercy of her new enemy!

E-C-C 315 Runtime: 33min. + 29min.

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E-C-C 314 "Dueling Mistresses"

The voluptuous and aspiring Titfight Queen Nina Vegas tries to teach Lady Black a lesson and some manners, and they tear their tops down at the female fight club to get together for a hot and nasty fight. Both woman have strong tits and try to use them along with any tactic for trying to hurt each other. See two buxom beauties with combative lust in their hearts and a mutual grudge for each other, who want to settle it out also on the floor, smashing the others tits and squeeze ample breasts until each is on the brink of defeat.

E-C-C 314 Runtime: 34min. + 33min.

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E-C-C 313 "Sticky Crotches"

Red and Lucy Gresty have harbored a grudge to each other throughout the hole UK sexfights series. So both want clash again woman to woman where their hot wet clits mashing into each other and link up to a crotch grinding tribadism duel at the end of their exhausting erotic catfight. The atmosphere is tense from the beginning as they getting wet and horny before going to war. They battle back and forth, body to body and tit to tit, to getting the top position in the agreed tribbing duel, in order to get the victory orgasm to the opponent and to decide who will be the current UK alpha-female when the smoke clears from this red hot sexfight contest.

E-C-C 313 Runtime: 38min. + 36min.

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E-C-C 312 "Busty Bitches Go Wild"

The busty bitches of the UK and Germany female fight clubs have been trash-talking about each other on social media who are the top catfighting, sexfighting and titfighting ladies in Europe. Especially big busty Charmaine Sinclair and big busty Dacada. These sexy long legged bitches taunting what they would do to each other and that they want to get it here and now till one can not carry on, because Charmaine want the right to take down German Queen-Bee Marina as soon as possible. They tear into each other, topless and with bare pussies in a no-rules contrast bitch fight that keeps the feud in hot erotic fighting with intense body to body embracing, hair pulling, tit fighting and floor rolling to bring each other down. And they link up for a pussy grinding tribadism duel at the end of their exhausting erotic contest to decide who emerges as the biggest rival of Marina Montana to challenge her in a no-limits woman to woman contest.

E-C-C 312 Runtime: 33min. + 33min.

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E-C-C 311 "Titfight Challenge XI"

Marina Montana is an extremely expert in tit fighting other busty milfs and Lady Danielle is a competitive titfighter too and once both blocks their prey they never let go until they decides it is enough. They are experience woman, very competitive and with voluptuous bodies especially their strong, shapely big natural tits that they use to destroy the others breasts while they wrestle tit to tit with full body embracing and they grinding their bodies hard togehter, squeezing big boobs and big hard nipples to win the sponsored champion belt in sponsored stockings and elegant corsages where the big breasts are squeezed out what the customer love to see. Own personal custom wishes or sponsoring ideas are always welcome.

E-C-C 311 Runtime: 37min. + 36min.

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E-C-C 310 "Lesbian Slut vs Bisexual Bitch"

Newcomer Venus Vendetta is an experience lesbian vixen that wants to get into the erotic titfight business because it makes her hot and she loves to get the prize money. And also Venus has the suspicion that Nina has had a secret affair with her woman in the past, which leads to a something special and bitterly fought titfight match where they using body locks, hard breast squeezing, and other strong holds to gain the victory! Alone now in the clubroom both started bearhugs with rough, tight embracing and they try crushing their big heavy breasts mutual, to dominate the other.

E-C-C 310 Runtime: 38min. + 38min.

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E-C-C 309 "UK Sexfight Challenge I"

The current British Sexfight Queen Lucy Gresty rules her female fight club with a strong hand, but her long time rival Red has had enough of this unsatisfactory situation and challenges her for the crown in an exciting new crotch to crotch tribadism sexfight from the UK. The sexy busty milfs quickly take their fight onto the bed to fuck each other in some wild position to make the other cum. They fingering each other aggressively, they tribbing their wet pussies without any mercy, they open their thighs to one another and each tests her womanhood against her rivals before they go over to an amazing double dildo duel to see who is the alpha female and who is the really No.1 in the UK. In this custom video we start a pure english sexfight series which will continue regulary with new hot busty UK Milfs and suggestions for suitable new opponents are always welcome.

E-C-C 309 Runtime: 39min. + 39min.

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