E-C-C 284 "Sexfight for Cash"

Heidi and Sexy Mo in an extensive 40 minute event where they sexfighting each other just nude for cash. This fight allows only the rules from the customer who is watching them live in action straight in front of his eyes and it is really steaming to see who can make the other cum with finger fucking and when they tribbing and grinding pussy to pussy till one is defeated and exhausted of orgasms and the other is victorious.. All the sexfight classics are here. Mutual finger fucking, mutual doubledildo action, a Magic Wand contest where the loser gets a violent orgasm and also a long tribbing match to the finish in the last main round. What exactly means: A great wild hot-blooded tribadism sexfight with intense pussy rubbing and grinding until one of the steamy pussys simply cannot take anymore.

E-C-C 284 Runtime: 43min. + 36min. Bonus

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E-C-C 283 "Sexfighting Milfs I"

The experienced busty UK Ladies Lucy Gresty and Gilly Sampson are tough milfs who love to hone their sexfight skills in body to body clashes with lots of intense clit to clit action and pussy grinding. At various stages they use whatever dirty weapons they have as they attempt to win and just sometimes to enjoying each other. This hot sexfight is the opening battle in a clash series between experience mature women which will take them into erotic territory fights for the supremacy to win the sexfight contest here. Which lady ends up superior this time ? Does Lucy make it again ? Or does Gilly even the score and gain a measure of revenge for their last titfight contest ? Your vote will decide it !

E-C-C 283 Runtime: 36min. + 35min. Bonus

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E-C-C 282 "Dirty Wrestling"

Jessy in the red shiny body suit and Gina Blonde in the black shiny body suit stretches apart their wet pussy lips to reveal a shiny, wet red rose bud that they attacks mercilessly with their vicious tongue and fingers. But first breasts get free as they violently wrestle, rubbing each others tits and crotches together until the two dripping wet inside and out in this bitch brawl. Then they go 69 and nearly suck each other dry. And for the decision they rubbing pussies with passion and energy so exciting until they cum. Watch great cunt licking close ups add to the intense pleasure of this wild wrestling and revenge adventure.

E-C-C 282 Runtime: 47min. + 29min. Bonus

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E-C-C 281 "Learning Your Place"

Madama Danielle has a had enough of big busty Marina Montana stealing her catfight jobs and she is ready to solve this problem. Especially now, when they both have the chance that the winner gets the right to challenge Lucy Gresty and Gilly Sampson for the European Titfight and Sexfight Championship at the UK Female Fight Club in some down and dirty erotic duels with these hot experience and busty English women. Still wearing their clothes (not for long), the blonde milfs walk into the middle of the room and entwine their bodys and sexy nylon legs in passionate wrestling, where hot ass cheeks to be shown like always in a back and forth battle that is closely contested and stays competitive the entire way along with hair pulling and trash talking until one combatant is finally defeated and must accept her fate. The winner of this busty blonde clash will have a phone call and get the titfight and sexfight job in the UK. Watch two curvy women tangled in a web of hot, steamy, passionate erotic catfight action.

E-C-C 281 Runtime: 37min. + 34min. Bonus

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E-C-C 280 "Sexy Mo vs Lady Luciana"

Two black-haired sexy women over their thirties are attired only in panties for a spicy, wet and dirty catfight in the small club apartment. Both women have an obvious dislike today for each other and want to win. So deep pussy wedgies from the front and behind, strong bearhugs, butt slapping, and crotch to crotch bumping fill the small room very soon. Sexy Mo and Lady Luciana doing their best to exhaust each other by body on body thrusting, pussy on pussy grinding in a lustful tribadism sexfight to the very end. These is a standing pussy bumping and on the floor, a crotch to crotch tribadism grinding contest where the winner gets the other one with a big strap-on into the pussy. Only one winner you see who walks away in a close match where the winner claiming her right to fuck the loser.

E-C-C 280 Runtime: 33min. + 27min. Bonus

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E-C-C 279 "Titfight Challenge VIII"

Busty Gilly Sampson and Lucy Gresty glare at each other and each big breasted woman thinks that she is the true UK Titfight Queen and both will challenge any busty bitch, especially Marina the German Titfight Queen, to see who comes out on top. So they remove their bras and immediately start to fight tit to tit. Inclusive trash talking about their rivals breasts and bodies, they titfight woman to woman across the room. The experience cats squeeze and bump on their breasts and nipples just to bring the other down onto the mat. If you love titfights and sexy MILFs in nylons and stockings then you will love these newest challenge.

E-C-C 279 Runtime: 35min. + 34min. Bonus

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E-C-C 278 "Hairy Bitch"

Jessy and the Veteran Hot Ela meet first time in the club room in dresses but without panties. And Jessy tells Ela that she want to get her ass out of the erotic female fight circle here. But Ela with her Milf spirit, does not like Jessies big mouth attitude so much. So they start immediately wrestling bare cunt to bare cunt. Hot Ela grabbed Jessys butt and squeeze her big hairy clit into Jessys soft and raw cunt meat. Then their half-nude bodies entwined in sensuous wrestling in which legs and ass cheeks spread wide open. The action is intense and they are sweaty, excited and enjoy each one the big clit and wet pussy of the other.....

E-C-C 278 Runtime: 40min. + 39min. Bonus

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E-C-C 277 "Titfight Challenge VII"

When these two big busty Milfs agreed to fight it out breast to breast to get the full ranking points of our popular titfight league, we could not wait to get them in the same room and only when one lady is beaten does it end. The rules are simple. Titfight tactics with oiled breast slapping, tit squeezing, bear hugs and heavy boobs smashing. What means mutual breast attacks. No holds for submissions are allowed. Whoever quits completely is the loser. Does Ilona overcome and prevail over her experience and very successful opponent, Marina Montana, our current number one, or brings Marina also Ilona to her limits ?

E-C-C 277 Runtime: 33min. + 33min. Bonus

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E-C-C 276 "The Evil Sisters II"

After Sexy Mo and Heidi have done the first contest, they are ready take off their dresses to get down to business and the game goes on with an intense tribadism lesbian sexfight, while this two old enemies are jealous over the handsome girls of the other. Sweaty bodies clash together and they rubbing crotch to crotch until both reach pleasure. Not sure which one is hottest because the women link up pussy to pussy for a thrilling tribad duel, grinding together to a state of extreme excitement and you be the judge. (Custom clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip email us.)

E-C-C 276 Runtime: 34min. + 34min. Bonus

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E-C-C 275 "Catfight in Turtlenecks"

This turtleneck catfight (another costum video) between the boss lady Mona and young aspiring Sophie Is very balanced and tough and for the third time, these two strong bodies tear into each other to collect their reward. However the rivalry between these two is heated and soon the test of strength match explodes into a full bottomless catfight and ends into a pussy rubbing sexfight with moans of erotic pleasures although no one ever gets completely nude. The beloved enemies begin pushing their bodys into each other and each vying for dominance. The competition continues with the ladies having a battle of their nice butts. They try to bring each other down while their big butts squeeze and crush together. Finally they decide to settle things once and for all. They scissor each other, slamming and grinding their pussies together with lot of crotch to crotch rubbing. Means whoever cums first, loses. Interested in an own commissioning custom clip ? Email us at any time.

E-C-C 275 Runtime: 33min. + 32min. Bonus

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