E-C-C 298 "Mistresses of Titfight"

Sandra wants to show Nina that she will be the new boss lady in the titfight business what exactly means: the new main rival of Marina Montana, as she shows up to fight it out for the leadership of the younger women. They already know the rules, so they start the match straight away, dressed in dark dominant clothes, staring at each other and soon they are in a fight for alpha status, and each one of them wants their opponent to be the first to go down. These two hellcats go back and forth, in a battle that has body to body tangling, titanic breast crushing, tit to tit mashing and each of these big busty ladies are full of pride, and give everything they have against the other! But who will be the final victor in this heated huge breast to breast duel? Find it out and you won not be disappointed!

E-C-C 298 Runtime: 32min. + 31min.

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E-C-C 297 "UK Mistress vs German Mistress II"

Lucy Gresty find out that Marina Montana wants to get in the UK female fight circle after the confrontation of Gilly Sampson with Marina and so she make a deal with her: They will do a personal woman to woman duel and if Lucy win Marina must leave her business territory. The two big busty and hot Milfs are clad in sexy clothes as they meet to fight it out for sexual dominance and over who will go down first in a long erotic catfight between two dominant mature woman what contains English trash talking, leg entwined floor rolling, titfighting, sexfighting and so on. It appears the tensions have been simmering for a while with these two, before they try to grind their wet pussies dry while both tribbing each other like there is no tomorrow in a dirty rival clash where the winner of the fight will gain respect from the other women of the German and UK erotic female fight circle.

E-C-C 297 Runtime: 41min. + 38min.

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E-C-C 296 "I Bring You Down Again, Bitch"

This erotic catfight pits two sexy women in the female fighting scene into a rematch as Janna visits Jessy at the womens fight club to challenge her in a bitchy battle and it is well known that these two did not like each other. And from the first time they met it was evident. First one woman and then the other gains the upper hand before they starts with tit on tit mashing and crotch to crotch bumping between two dominant catfighters until one submits or cums in her panties!

E-C-C 296 Runtime: 35min. + 34min.

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E-C-C 295 "That Contract is Mine, Bitch"

Jewel Marceau has enforce feuds with many of the best titfighter but this is her first chance against the experience and sexy Christine Dupree because she wants to show Christine who is boss in this business as she shows up with her new contract. So Jewel accuses Christine of stealing her customer and trying to take credit for her service. But Christine disagrees. The trash talking is personal and nasty as both buxom gals square off nose to nose insulting everything from the clothes they are wearing to exposing their boobs. Jewel and Christine go head to head in this titfight custom match and both challenger have huge tits that they sink also their nails into in. This is a back and forth battle with many breast squeezing, punching, mashing and clawing. So get ready for a titfight grabbing extravaganza with two of the most wild and hottest women in the biz.

E-C-C 295 Runtime: 31min.

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E-C-C 294 "The New Huge Tit Rivals"

Sandra Sturm finds out Nina Vegas has signed an agreement to become the next challenger of Queen-Bee Marina Montana, and she is not happy about it, nor is shy about expressing this to Nina! And so there is no other way out than that the two new rivals challenges each other to a total woman to woman fight where they squeezing each other with their very ample tits and as big and heavy their tits are, it is a real challenge and super hot to watch when the new hugh tit girls fight for respect. And who of the two could become the new danger for Boss Lady Marina?

E-C-C 294 Runtime: 34min. + 34min.

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E-C-C 293 "Natural Big Tits Collide"

Dutch Lady Danielle confronts Marina Montana about finding her bra in her husbands office and is willing to rip it off so her new rival wont not have it and meet him never again. A few dirty words and then the action goes on in the middle of the room where tits get squeezed in a fierce and firmly way. This is a great back and forth fight and each woman uses her natural big breasts very intense and hot when they lock up. And then both grind their pussys into each others in tiny panties as a feud of humiliation and domination and neither woman wants the other as rival never more because there is only room for one Queen-Bee in this business.

E-C-C 293 Runtime: 37min. + 36min.

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E-C-C 292 "Hot and Wild"

Gina Blonde want to challenge Jessy in the womens fight club to avenge a friend whom Jessy beat up in a fight from the past. The rules are simple. They can use all dirty techniques as sexual weapons to finish of and dominate the other girl in a 3-round competition. So watch how they thrust breasts and bodys together, open legs, grinding sweaty bodies together, and embark on a long-distance sexfight in this much needed rematch between these two strong women.

E-C-C 292 Runtime: 34min. + 32min.

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E-C-C 291 "The Perfect Titfight Challenge"

Christine Dupree and Goldie Blair, two very attractive and busty ladies, are work in the same business and realize that they have the same customer in town after seeing some particular text messages and each woman can not believe what a bitch the other woman is. Both rivals finally meet face to face and glare at each other and they agree that the best way is to find out who is the number one in town, to fight it out women to women and tit to tit. It gets heated really fast with breast to breast squeezing and there is a lot of ation that follow like tit mashing, hair pulling, butt slaps, strong wedgies and anything else that can be applied to make these two hot ladies more and more ready to destroy the others tits. They both know that they are at the same level and so these contest is a determined, no-limits titfight duel, where both doing their best to exhaust each other. Finally they embrace in a mutual passionate bearhug before the final decision falls in these hot and angry game.

E-C-C 291 Runtime: 30min.

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E-C-C 290 "UK Mistress vs German Mistress"

German Queen-Bee Marina Montana thinks she can maneuvering up the corporate ladder in the female fighting circle by meeting busty experience UK ladies in female fight club rooms for relentless business brawls, what means mainly hot titfights and sexfights for cash or for pleasure! But Marina gets a shock when her British rival Gilly Sampson is already in the club house in place of Mrs. Meyer, her new customer, to ruin her business today. Soon they go back and forth at the doorstep about who has the hotter breasts and body and then start trash talking each other and Gilly makes clear that Marina must defeat her in an erotic catfight or else get fired from Mrs. Meyer. So the two mistresses battle it out with no holds barred with merciless body embracing, rough titfighting, pussy bumping and pantie to pantie grinding. This first UK Milf vs German Milf match will be enjoyed by fans of erotic battles between big busty experience Ladies in an age over 50 who fight it out in hot stockings and garter belts.

E-C-C 290 Runtime: 33min. + 32min.

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E-C-C 289 "Blonde Slut Meets Brunette Bitch"

Two very hot women in different age are just agree dirty rules what soon leading directly into a rough and tough fully nude women to women club catfight that has some special tactics. These two truly have an intensive love/hate relationship after their first filthy sexfight confrontation and once again they start out playing dirty. Both women are well versed with one another and do not hold back, pulling each others hair, putting each other in choke holds, pulling pussy lips and more, in the kind when a blonde slut meets a brunette bitch. In this costum video they thrust their nude bodies together until steam fills the air.

E-C-C 289 Runtime: 36min. + 36min.

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