E-C-C 194 "Police Woman vs Mafia Woman"

Two blondes, AnnikaRose the police woman and Heidi, the mafia woman, start a terrible floor rolling pantyhose catball, after a long chase. Both gals are rivals since a long time and they gets into a fight about the supremacy in town, which ends up in a wild, savage and feminine body to body catball with lot of hairpulling, because both want to make sure, that none of the other stands in the way for future business.
Send us also your personal description and script for your own special costum match.

E-C-C 194 Runtime: 59min.

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E-C-C 193 "Fetish Pantyhose Milfs"

What's more sexy than two hot milfs in the same pantyhose. Marina and Mona are ready for the night out but when they get together Mona assert that Marinas hot pantyhose are the same like hers and that one has to change. They start a lesbian pantyhose catfight and in this movie you will see two fetish mothers trying to fight and get some pleasure with their full body contact. Soon breasts are out, legs tangling, pussys bumping hard together and clits compete with each other.

E-C-C 193 Runtime: 34min. + 34min. Bonus

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E-C-C 192 "Titfight in Pantyhose"

They start out in the locker room where Sharon find the new bras for the girls. As Mo returns, Sharon confronts her with the choice of her favorite and most beautiful one. After a few moments of trash talking, their big boobs are swinging out of the tops and the two rivals are fascinated by tit fighting each other, with the agreement that the winner gets the favorite and finest bra. The two women rub and grind their gorgeous tits together like cats in heat and they can't stop this wild and passionate tit to tit catfight. They getting hotter and hotter as also their pantyhose legs rubbing hard together like in an awesome leg tangling challenge.

E-C-C 192 Runtime: 45min. + 20min. Bonus

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E-C-C 191 "The Hairpulling Blast"

Here's the problem: Maria and Heidi likes the same dress. So naturally they wrestle while wearing the same red negligees and pantyhoses to prove who gets the favored dress today. With an understanding that it is time to settle some issues, both decide to put it all on the line with a winner take all hairpulling and leg locked catball catfight. Heidi and Maria are be a real couple of genuine catballers: wild, angry, sexy, sensual, aggressive and they rolling repeatedly on the floor here and there, with bodies pressed, hairpulling, embracing, intertwined legs like wild furies. Therefore also many thanks to the costumer of this newest catball match.

E-C-C 191 Runtime: 69 min.

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E-C-C 190 "Wrestling Contest"

Katharina vs Lucy. The 2nd rematch in a sisterly, erotic wrestling contest. One women tries to take control of the other and the battle comes to a conclusion as both women fight hard for the victory. Though in the end there can be only one winner. But who wins this test of strenght between these two strong battle cats to get the pride !

E-C-C 190 Runtime: 33min. + 22min. Bonus

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E-C-C 189 "Special Friends"

This erotic fought busty catfight between buxom Susi and Janina comes to a crushing titfight and both women give it their all in this mature titfight challenge and trib video. There are also more sensual moments where they enjoy and feel up each others big breasts and hot crotches, as well as kissing and licking each other with sensuously dominance.

E-C-C 189 Runtime: 43min.

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E-C-C 188 "Franks Fetish Fight II"

Mona69 and Marina Montana battle it out to see who gets Frank after a hard fought fetish catfight match because both women have a relationship with Frank and know his tastes for kinky fetish clothing. They challenge each other for a sexfight , just wearing the kind of stuff they were wearing next time to having sex with Frank. They have an angry titfight and a grinding tribadism fight to see who's the better women. The start of the fight is as agreed with waders , latex panties and shiny latex jacket. At the end they challenge each other for mutual fucking and change from latex panties to latex dildo pants. See all the action in this newest costum video.

E-C-C 188 Runtime: 33min. + 32min. Bonus

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E-C-C 187 "Rough Amazons"

Sharon da Vale is back in the catfight club to take wild Sexy Mo in a wedgie wrestling match with a sexfight conclusion. They fight in hot pants, string tangas, nude and with high heels to the end with a lot of verbal agressiv strong pulling wedgies from the front and rear. You ask for it and you get it. The fight goes about three rounds until both pulled their slips completely off. Once the amazons accept and give in their mutual dislike they agree to link crotch to crotch for a steamy trib competition. (also contains the bonus clips)

E-C-C 187 Runtime: 71min.

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E-C-C 186 "Strong Bare Legs Lock and Roll"

Lucy and Katharina in one of their eternal rivalry erotic catfights in clothes and bare legs. The two Lady catfighters wanting to meet the other for a leg locked rolling catball with full body contact and leg locked scissors as one other test of strenght in a private arrangement. They fight hard and intense, and they do not know if they should bite or kiss each other in their spiteful sisterly love and so they do both. See this two sisters with strong and sexy legs in a wild body smashing confrontation and how they enjoy their catball catfight fetish passion.

E-C-C 186 Runtime: 46min.

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E-C-C 185 "Busty Clash"

This is what we would call a real big boobs titfight. Susi decided to enjoy this day by steal Janinas roomate. Her all black outfit really shows off her great body and lets her rival know, she means business. She walks to Janina's home to catch the love letter of her new favorite girl (means Janinas roomate), from her rivals postbox. Before she can leave, Janina come from the hallway to the front of the house, while Susi steals her intimate letters and she wants to knock this busty bitch out. They start their personal feud in a tough titfight and the big-breasted beauties end up in a long devastating and exhausted test of a no holds barred breast smashing catfight. See them fighting on the street and in the hallway before they continue in Janinas apartment with very classic titfight techniques.

E-C-C 185 Runtime: 38min. + 33min. Bonus

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