E-C-C 254 "The Evil Sisters Costum"

Two nurses clad catfight Divas Heidi and Sexy Mo fight over you and who is queen of the hairpulling catball series in a classic catball costum video with no holds barred. You know our girl fight videos, and this one is a no breeze ! Its incl. rolling catball, hairpulling, embracing, deeply intertwined pantyhosed legs, shouting and leg locks. Facing each other some time both start hairpulling each other and then both women goes slowly down to the floor and start catballing with strong body embracing. After they been disrupted to finish their feud the two sexy women decide to continue things to a more seductive level (in the revenge fight), if the work is done.

E-C-C 254 Runtime: 35min. + 33min. Bonus

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E-C-C 253 "Titfight Challenge II"

The two big busty milfs have a short but angry agreement for a slutty showdown: to win the ranking points for the new titfight league. Marina Montana and Lady Danielle were both equally determined to win their first club titfight for their fans and admirer. Veteran brawler, Marina takes on new star Danielle in this back and forth club clash and both equally determined to win their first challenge. They quickly lose their tempers and start fighting. The result is over 30 minutes of busty non-stop action. Like a pendulum watch this fight swing one way and then the other as both ladies try desperately to gain the upper hand with locked tit to tit fighting, constant eye contact and hot nipple to nipple duels to combat the opponent. One lady is finished off by a series of tit smashing and then pinned down. So who comes out on top ?

E-C-C 253 Runtime: 34min. + 34min. Bonus

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E-C-C 252 "Titfight Challenge I"

The agreements between the two big busty ladies: Titfight and Sexfight action is allowed to win this erotic power measure and willing strength to get the ranking points inside the new titfight league and the now installed serie. The challenger is Ilona as the new women vs the established Janina Sommer. The winner has the right to challenge one of the other Queen-Bees like current number one Marina Montana. Ilona is determined to show that she is capable of beating Janina, especially after she punished her in their last tit to tit battle. They are horny and slut as they stand tit to tit and face to face and there was silence before the first touch and they are hot to begin the match of a special contest. After some exciting back and forth titfighting for domination these bisexual hotties work themselves also into tribadism positions, pussy to pussy, to make the other exhausted. The ladies are challenging each other in an intense and tough tit to tit mauling and squeezing to see who the better woman.

E-C-C 252 Runtime: 36min. + 35min. Bonus

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E-C-C 251 "Franks Fetish Fight VI"

Mona and Marina are two old rivals that are fighting for the evening housekeeping rights in Franks house today. And Frank is a pleasure-lover and he has got a thing for fetish catfights since he saw these lesbian Milfs fighting each other for years. The claws come out as these curvaceous blondes clash in a crackling, no-holds-barred sexual catfight. Facing each other some time both start matches pussies, body on body thrusting, pussy on pussy grinding, and it is time for a down and dirty, no-limits sexual duel. As the women link up pussy-to-pussy for a climactic tribadism fight, it soon becomes a sexual conquest and the winner gets Frank for a long unrestrained night. (Realized as custom video in the Franks Fetish Series)

E-C-C 251 Runtime: 33min. + 32min. Bonus

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E-C-C 250 "Titfight Business"

What Starts off as a harmless but nasty little titfight contest chest to chest turns into a literal big busty battle, several weeks after Polina (the wife) attacked Candy (the girlfriend) and made her victim. The trigger: The two new waitresses in the titfight circle fighting for business and they have been promised by Queen-Bee Marina that the one with the most tips comes into the titfight circle to earn much honor and a big prize money. Tops come off and things really start to heat up. There are bearhugs, tit rubbing, tit pressing and crushing too from these tough big busty woman and the action is hot. Both buxom bitches find themselves in a number of compromising positions and the match looked like it could go either way, until one of the titfighters gets the victory. (That is another erotic titfight from the sponsorship series and available for all other members and costumers who like to donate their favorite clothes, uniforms or outfits).

E-C-C 250 Runtime: 36min. + 36min. Bonus

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E-C-C 249 "Club Catfight"

Lilli and the new candidate for the womans fight club Nana, in a sexy test of strenght with half-nude bodies where the women struggle and try to pin each other down. This encounter had more at stake. Nana was out to take Lillis club ranking away and this sets the stage for a dogged showdown. They were matched to determine which of them deserves to be the league climber until the next event. Lilli faces the new rival Nana in this contest and starts a long wedgie battle at the beginning to bring the situation under control. It seems there is no love lost between these two long legged amazons. Both of these strong females in sponsored shiny vintage shorts are very athletic and the action is non stop. Once the tops are removed the match takes an erotic touch when they rub and grind their tits together on their way to victory, but only one will cum out on top to get the significant ranking points. (A big thank you to the sponsor and member of the great sport trousers and combat action. More suggestions welcome)

E-C-C 249 Runtime: 36min. + 35min. Bonus

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E-C-C 248 "Amazons in Chains"

The former girlfriends Jessica and Sexy Mo had always enjoyed a good old fashioned catfight, but now it was different because this would not be like their other long and dirty titfight contests, at the girls fight club in front of a horny crowd of female onlookers. The bitches knew how the ladies enjoyed their staged erotic catfight brawls at various club events, both private and public. And this evening contest was for the privilege, to be the slut boss for one night. The two slut bitches wanted to settle once and for all who is stronger and the better woman, dressed in black tops and black shiny skin tight pants, high heels and coupled with chains. The strong sexy rivals tear into each other and you will like the action. (Another proposed and realized fantasy fight story with the favorite sponsored clothing and a short story script from a faithful member)

E-C-C 248 Runtime: 37min. + 37min. Bonus

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E-C-C 247 "Massage Queen"

Janina is fuming reading a note of Marina that she has given a job to that lesbian bitch Ilona and it is "Rich Ladies Massage Day". Janina comes in to the room and Ilona stood at the table, money all over, counting it. "Listen you lesbian whore i am the Queen Bee in this massage room and that is half my money". "We will see who is the Massage Queen" and they slam there big tits together. Legs tangle as they lock up, going back and forth. They break, glaring at each other and circle around each other. Janina ask "Did Mrs Smith come in, bitch ? She always leaves me an envelope." "Yes", answers Ilona unbutton some of her uniform and her big tits are bulging out of her bra and fondling them, "She love my strong breast". Janina unbutton some of her Uniform to showing her big tits, too. "She pays extra for these and now give me that envelope whore". "I am the new Massage Queen around here bitch. Lets lock horns whore and lets see who is the better one". Both rivals come together and their tits bulging out of ...

E-C-C 247 Runtime: 26min. + 26min. Bonus

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E-C-C 246 "Sexy and Wild Mistresses"

Gorgeous dominant busty MILF Marina Montana and the experience busty bizarre Witch Ashley Stone have been pissed off on each other for a long time. They both be booked from Ladys for titfight and sexfight sessions, dressed in short skirts with garters and stockings, and mostly from wealthy prominent business women. Both women meet in the girls fight club today as Marina arrived a little bit later and she is furious because Ashley stole her new female customer. Marina declares Ashley, she looks like a slut. "Okay then fight it out with me old whore, if you dare again" Ashley talk back. Their breasts are nearly equal in size and will harden and swell as they slap and pivot together in their new erotic feud. Each women is very excited by the other, and they truly enjoy the feeling of both, winning and losing in locked positions. Panties on panties they try forcing the opponent to the final orgasm in the neverending bitches titfight and sexfight series.

E-C-C 246 Runtime: 33min. + 33min. Bonus

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E-C-C 245 "Catfight Bitches"

It seems Anna and Heidi have decided to wear the same sexy outfit tonight and the two fight for who should get to keep it on in a sexy leg locked catfight battling in just the shortest robes leaving all that ass out in thongs as they pull hair and roll around to the finish ! They tumbled down and grabbing each other in strong scissor holds and they both giving each other a painful lesson. It ends when one of them makes the other too tired, and wins !

E-C-C 245 Runtime: 31min. + 30min. Bonus

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