E-C-C 120 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 38

This is Marina Montanas(43) first extreme nude submission sexfight tournament match vs. Vicky W.(34) and there was hardly no decision but both women try step by step to get the upper hand. Each enjoy her sexual and physical background and there is a great natural rivalry between this two mature women like we can see. And both wanted to dominate the other with an aggressive tactic to see who is the better sexfighter. In the second half was certainly some kind of good titfighting action between this two women. And please enjoy another mature vs. milf clit fighting contest with a few of hot and wet tribadism climax situations. At the end Marina gets her fisting lesson from the lucky winner Vicky but we can promise you that this was not the last fight of Marina at catfight-corner, today!!!

E-C-C 120 Runtime: 44min. + 42min. Bonus

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E-C-C 119 "Violent Catfight"

This is Marinas (43) first tribadism catfight after some experience with erotic oil wrestling in the past. She ask us for a strong and violent opponent, and Vicky (34) means that she could teaching her into the world of hard, wild cat- and sexfights. Blond and busty Marina using her female body to fight and turn on dominant Vicky and both women show us entangled female bodies in a hot tempered submission sexfight. This match is for lovers of midthirty woman vs mature women in wild catfight and sexually trib and titfight action.

E-C-C 119 Runtime: 34min. + 33min. Bonus

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E-C-C 118 "Sexual Knockout"

This is the second fight of two equal and sexy catfighters. Evey Kristal and Jill Diamond are both lustful and aggressive, and they want this revenge fight soon. The hot erotic catfight starts with many standing leg tangling and aggressive trib positions, passionate kisses and some wrestling on the bed. You may like it if you like to watch two women to fight while they fuck each other and to fuck while they fight to the ultimate sexual knockout.

E-C-C 118 Runtime: 33min. + 30min. Bonus

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E-C-C 117 "Greedy Girls"

German fiercefighter Jill Diamond and English sexy fitness girl Evey Kristal are natural rivals since their first erotic catfight and they decide a rematch to test the chemistry of there strong and good shape bodies. Both women are falling over each other like two wildcats and ripping their pantyhoses down to start an excellent trib fight. It is a real surprise to see them fight wild and full of spirits and both are greedy for more and more sexfight action!!!

E-C-C 117 Runtime: 37min. + 36min. Bonus

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E-C-C 116 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 37

Today we present a personal sponsoring match between Jill Diamond and Evey Kristal. We have also realized some fantasies of our members who are send us there suggestions for what they want to see. We told this to our both Sexfight Amazons and the instructions makes them extremely hot. In the first half of round 1 they are fight in an erotic sumo wrestling contest with hot wedgies and full body contact. Also they attack each other with hot kisses to get the upper hand. And we can promise you that it makes them really hot. In the second half of round 1 they get the instructions for a titfight contest and they press their breasts together like two wild and hot lovers. Round 2 starts with 5min. of pussy bumping, not tender and soft but rather hard and wild. Both sexual athletes get more and more agressive to fight it out for a real winner. Then it continued in a lustful tribadism sexfight between this two very hot women, without any reservation, mercy or regardless. In the first half of round 3 they are fight in an ass to ass bumping contest with deep fingering and they press their hot butts hard together to win this fight. In the second half of round 3 they get the instructions for mutual fingering and they rubbing their pussy lips wild and angry. The fourth round is a 12min. "no rules" sexfight to see if one of them give up and if they both can stand the heat to the finish. And they're still hot for each other and both women wanted to show the sponsor "who is the better one".

E-C-C 116 Runtime: 46min. + 46min. Bonus

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E-C-C 115 "Without Limit"

Sanya like to seduce and dominate other women with a hard sell. And it was interesting to watch how she would handle her younger opponent in this rematch. Ellen was eager to fight and she loves teaching older women a lesson. Sanya starts careful because she was surprised by Ellens physical strenght and she try to use her own aggressineness to dominate her step by step. The longer it went on, the more Sanya was turning Ellen into her helpless in this tribadism competition match. They do kissing, pussy bumping and rubbing, and some oral pleasures in this first part to show us who is the better woman today.

E-C-C 115 Runtime: 36min. + 34min. Bonus

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E-C-C 114 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 36

Sanya 32 J., 60kg, 178cm (5,9ft) vs Ellen 25J., 70kg, 185cm (6,1ft). Two newcomer in there first sexfight tournament match. This is for lover of long leged women in espacially erotic catfight action. Both are in superb condition for this tough competition. There contrasting experience, Ellen with catfighting and Sanya with lesbian girls, make this sexy battle to an open slugfest with changing advantage. Crushing bearhugs and powerful legs make it to a long and intense sexfight with a winner and a loser. The first round comprised a classic titfight and a sitting tribadism duel to see if both can stand the heat. The second round comprised leg tangling and pussy bumping, a butt to butt power contest and missionary trib action. The third round is an open sexfight duel without rules. In the fourth round both combatants fight until one of them give up and the winner may dominate the loser in her favorite position.

E-C-C 114 Runtime: 44min. + 43min. Bonus

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E-C-C 113 "A Taste for Sexfight"

Sanya (179cm-5,9ft), the experience girl/girl lover and Ellen (185cm-6,1ft), who does many catfights before, are girl friends for a long time. And both Ladys agrre to meet here for there first sexfight match to the finish. Who will be the better woman?? The sexy girl lover or the strong catfighter?? Rules are simple: to dominate first and bring the other to a real climax. They starts with strong leg tangling in tight jeans, then it goes on tit to tit and panty vs panty. Both press the other against the wall to bumping there pussy hard together in standing positions with hot sensual kisses. This fight begins as a test of strenght and ends in a trib match between this two newcomer.

E-C-C 113 Runtime: 33min. + 32min. Bonus

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E-C-C 112 "Boiling Point"

Today we have realized the second catfight of Suzi-Anne's comback matches versus Melina. Melina was not happy with the result of their first tribadism contest and after Suzi-Anne have let her wait longer as the agreed time, her boiling point was reached fast. Soon they stand face to face and the action starts with hot and strong leg tangling to test there power now and here in this rematch. After this they use all options of a dirty sexfight to bring oneself into the advantageously position. And for the ultimate victory they don't be uninhibited to fight in the 69 position to drive her oponent crazy. This is for fans of sexy long leged women and there is no better choice here at time.

E-C-C 112 Runtime: 40min. + 38min. Bonus

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E-C-C 111 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 35

Suzi-Anne vs Melina. A must have for all lovers of sexy long leged and realy strong and huge fitness girls!!! The two 180cm (5,9 ft) tall combatants go at it hard in this wrestling/sexfight grudge match with nipple dueling, oral sex, sixty-nine and tribadism. They suck, they lick and touch pussys with strong fingers and their different and contrast nature make the passions to an explosive climax that will rock them hard to the finish.

E-C-C 111 Runtime: 50min. + 47min. Bonus

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