E-C-C 160 "Big Busty Showdown"

Blonde Sharon da Vale was not happy about the newest hot lesbian adventure of her long-time intimate girlfriend Marina, with that big busty bitch Janina Sommer (E-C-C 148 "A Secret Mother vs Teacher Catfight"). So she visit her to clear the similar rivalry over Marina. Soon they start this showdown with bitch talking and carry forward to hairpulling till Sharon gives Janina a short but very intensive ass spanking lesson as revenge for what Janina has done with Marina. Both ladies going hot to fight it out woman to woman and it was agreed a pure titfight with an open end. These big busty bitches don't hold back as they are tit sqeezing each other, boob to boob titfighting and busty fingerlocks in this aggresive breast battle. Their intensive nipple to nipple titfight look great to the camera, while their faces shows their hot blooded temperament. See lots of good titfight clash action in another video of our new big busty titfighting girl gang series.

E-C-C 160 Runtime: 40min. + 32min. Bonus

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E-C-C 159 "Challenge that Bitch"

Curlyann breaks into Jasmins room in an attempt to find the secret. The secret of her undicoverable sex toys. She attacks this crazy bitch furiosuly to carying out a very real tribadism pussyfight in this female beat down. They both think, they have the best body and agree to fight it out in a lesbian wrestling match. This sexfight features breast tactics at the beginning. They trash talk the entire time and apply standing pussy bumping, breast squeezing, agressive lesbian pussy sexfighting, a ladies panty sexfight, all nude clit to clit tribfight and also a hot tit to tit duel in this big bitches sexual contest. Will Curlyann find the secret?? Watch this fantasy fight video to find it out.

E-C-C 159 Runtime: 38min. + 22min. Bonus

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E-C-C 158 "Next Door Girls Throw Down"

La Timea and Katharina are back for an arranged erotic test of strenght in hot pants, short jeans and tops. These two strong and sexy newcomer challenge each other to a fingerlock contest at the beginning and the winner is decided by most submissions in this barefoot catfight. Will Katharinas apparent strenght advantage be enough to beat La Timea ? In part two both attempt various submission holds. But they had to know it wouldn't be so easy !! And in the last round they fight more aggressive until finally there is a victor !!

E-C-C 158 Runtime: 35min. + 29min. Bonus

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E-C-C 157 "When the Cat's away"

This is an intensive erotic catfight between two experienced vixens. Blonde Curlyann wants her boyfriend back after it looks as if Jasmine has stolen him. They starting in clothes and ending with wide open missionary positions in a lesbian wrestling match. This all out bitch brawl gets wilder and harder after they beat each other down in an intense boob sqeezing contest. The two tanglecats drives their pussys aggressive together and soon they overcome by lust. And they begin to ravishing each other in this explosive woman vs lover battles series.

E-C-C 157 Runtime: 41min. + 22min. Bonus

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E-C-C 156 "Aspiring Workers"

Black-haired La Timea and long-haired Katharina, two experience new girls in a leg locked rolling catfight to be the darling of the boss. "If you can beat me you can take him" and promptly it starts a catfight in high heels but not for long. They rolling over the floor, test each others strenght in a fingerlock contest and try full body pins to dominate. See an erotic catfight without nudity but with many of sexy bodie shoots.

E-C-C 156 Runtime: 36min. + 35min. Bonus

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E-C-C 155 "Topless Jeans Brawl"

A wild body tangled catfight with hairpulling, bearhug wrestling, aggressive breast squeezing and more. Yvette Costeau and Hot Ela attacks each other hard and they tussle and pull hair to controlling this erotic battle. Both of these fan favorites are skilled mean and ruthless ladies when it comes to an erotic women catfight and they fight to win this battle. If you like rough and mean catfighting moves in jeans then you will love this match.

E-C-C 155 Runtime: 24min. + 24min. Bonus

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E-C-C 154 "Leader's Scuffle"

There is nothing better like a fetish pantyhose catfight between two veteran rivals to get the boiling point. Hot Ela and Yvette Costeau settle their grudge today in this real intensive and dirty catfight with erotic breast to breast bearhugs, cunt and boob squezzing, mutual nipple pinching torture, hairpulling, pantyhose scratching, breast biting, crotch to crotch scissoring, 69 holds and muff diving facesitting, missionary trib, hot pussy bumping and panty wedgies in a great women to women fetish style wrestling match.

E-C-C 154 Runtime: 45min. + 33min. Bonus

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E-C-C 153 "Nasty Embracing"

Jenna Jane, the experienced veteran against our new fan favorite Sexy Mo in a breast to breast bearhug and a leglock crotch to crotch challenge. The two hellcats are wearing black catsuits and they wrap their arms around each other for a nasty test of strenght. Big tits crash together to the point when their legs gone wide open for a dominance sexfight.

E-C-C 153 Runtime: 36min. + 29min. Bonus

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E-C-C 152 "Trib Lovers at Work"

Sexy Mo decides to welcome Jenna Jane to the office for a stripping ladies game. They start off even an excellent kissing and leg tangling duel to know who is the stronger women with the most sexual experience. The rules are quite simple: The first one who make the other girl cum was the winner. Jenna and Mo starts with sensuously tactics to dominate the other and to works for the advantage. The ladies grab each other breast and butts, kiss, bump and grind their opponents before the woman vs woman sexfight continue in a mixed tribadism scissoring.

E-C-C 152 Runtime: 46min. + 27min. Bonus

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E-C-C 151 "Something to Prove"

Jenna Jane and Sexy Mo live together as lesbian friends and some nice day Sexy Mo waits with pleasant anticipation that Jenna comes home.
Jenna: "Hi sweety" Sexy Mo: "Hello, i have still waiting for you". Jenna: "How are you?" Mo: "I'm fine. And by your self??" Jenna: "Oh i'm feeling very good today" Mo: "O.K. You are beam with joy, i can see. What's happend to you ??" Jenna: "I have meet a new guy. It was so hot !!! He fuck me really good and hard from behind in the doggystyle !!! Mo: "Come again ??" Jenna: "Yes, i don't want it, but i need it much harder from time to time." Mo:"Do you mean that i provide it not hard enough for you, or what??" Jenna:" Oh, always canoodle and softly and nothing else...." Mo:"That is what do you mean? Then i will show it right for you now, bitch" Jenna: "That is not enough for me!! I want to enjoy harder sex....!!!
Mo gets really angry about that and the two busty girlfriends have something to prove for their different reason and they began to fight each other rough and wild. Both women are quickly totaly nacked and they fight also with dirty words. Then they start to grab and squezze their nacked pussy lips with strong hands and they wrestle with full body contact, strong breast to breast bearhugs and powerful fuck fight action to dominate.
"Ah ,you need it harder slut, then you get it harder, now" screams Mo and Jenna spit back: "Yes, and you like also this violent sexfight, right ??". Mo: "When i ready with you i will fuck you much harder with my strap-on as this bastard that you meet yesterday!!!" Jenna: "Try it, or i will fuck the shit out of you with your own cock, bitch". The action gets harder and harder !!! They press their busty bodys together without mercy and prove each other in a woman to woman jealousy fight !!!

E-C-C 151 Runtime: 44min. + 37min. Bonus

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